HashiConf Recaps



HashiCorp, a software company focusing on Open Source tools and automation, had their fourth annual conference today.  During the conference, they released some news around some of their most popular products like Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad.

Here are some of the highlights from the conference:


  • Terraform 0.12 Alpha was released which provides updates and a new feature for collaboration.  This feature will be released later.
  • A new “Remote” plan and Apply capabilities preserves the command line interface and lets the engineer delegate execution to the paid Terraform tier called Terraform Enterprise where things can be centrally managed.
  • A new free tier of service that adds collaboration workflow capabilities for Terraform. HashiCorp will provide free remote state management for all Terraform users with and no limits on users or workspaces.
  • The Atlantis team is also joining Hashicorp.


  • Consul 1.4 is released with the GA version of Consul Connect to allow for secure communication between services in a services mesh environment.
  • Consul enables customers to replace their load balancers and firewalls that have been traditionally used for east-west traffic.  Instead, customers can use a distributed service mesh for their deployments that can be connected securely.
  • Brendan Burns, an engineer at Microsoft, came on stage talking about the increasing partnership between Azure and Hashicorp.  Brandon talked about increasing the development of Hashicorp tools like Packer and Consul to allow customers to use familiar tools to help them deploy hybrid solutions and bridge the gap between on-premises applications and in Azure.


  • Nomad 0.9 comes in November.  Nomad is an open source scheduler to help schedule applications and services on systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Version 0.9’s biggest announcement was it adds support for the NVIDIA GPU and creates the foundation for future plugin-based integrations.


  • Vault reaches the much anticipated 1.0 version.  Vault is used to secure companies most prized assets like tokens, passwords, encryption keys, and certificates and in doing so across multiple public cloud vendors.
  • A feature of Vault Enterprise is now part of the open source version, the auto unseal feature to allow customers to automatically put a lifecycle around these precious assets.


  • Support with Kubernetes and the Private Datacenter


Quick Thoughts

With HashiCorp’s fourth conference, they didn’t disappoint.  A lot of new versions from their core product lines.  A lot of the public cloud providers were on stage like Microsoft and Google.  They realize that Hashicorp has developed a common platform that engineers can harness and move their companies workloads to almost any platform.


Official press release here.

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