Thoughts from Commvault Go


Commvault held their annual conference, Commvault Go, this week with some surprising announcements.  I did not attend, but instead followed the tweets coming in through Twitter and listening to a couple of the videos posted from Tech Field Day recorded.  I’ve bulleted some of the items I found most interesting.

  • Tech Field Day was the first to hear about new features and announcements.
  • Conference was very customer focused.  Lots of talks from current customers sharing their stories to the conference center, Gaylord Opryland, where Commvault Go was held being a customer.
  • Offering a compliance based system called HyperScale.  This looked like a “block” based system similar to newer backup companies.
  • An AWS offering called Commvault-as-a-Service.
  • A changed license model. Not just 2 models. Can combine different models.


Before getting into the architecture, I thought it was very bold to present their announcements to the Tech Field Day delegate panel live, and before a controlled setting.  If you are unfamiliar with Tech Field Day, it’s comprised of a group of people who are considered IT thought leaders in the enterprise space.  They are classified as delegates.  These delegates have no qualms stopping a presenter and asking questions.  For Commvault to be confident enough in their announcements and present it to this group showed me they have guts.

I liked hearing how they are changing their licensing model and allowing it to be more flexible.  Customer’s have a lot of choices today’s with technology and licensing structures, and I was happy to hear they’ve change this.

Hearing that Commvault is offering an appliance, HyperScale, gives hope that their architecture will change and make configurations and setups much easier.  After comparing what some of the newer backup companies are doing, and seeing this model, will hopefully allow them to compete with the newer companies.

I didn’t listen to all the customer stories, but from the Twitter feeds, it read like the good business stories and how Commvault fixed a business problem.  From the number of customer faces on stage, these appeared to be short and to the point.  Not drawn out where the audience loses focus in a few minutes.

Commvault is now offering an “as-a-Service” in AWS.  AWS is currently the biggest public cloud provider.  Makes sense to start here and expand into other public clouds.

In all, it felt like a good conference.  There was a positive vibe coming from the conference.  Commvault has been a strong player in the data protection section for so long it felt like they were becoming stagnant and not innovative.  They’ve taken the right steps by changing their core licensing model and starting to provide virtual appliances in AWS.  Seeing the HyperScale appliance makes me hope Commvault’s overall architecture will change and be easier to administer.  The Commvault ship is big and hasn’t changed in so long.  Are these new announcements the first steps to changing the ship?  Time will tell.


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