#MSIgnite Day 1 Summary


Here’s a quick summary of the announcements that happened at #MSIgnite


  • Microsoft decides to partner with Adobe and SAP for an Open Data Initiative

    • Not my normal space of expertise, but seems like they are partnering up against other CRM competitors.  I guess three are better than one?


  • Office 2019 is going to start rolling out to Windows and Mac

    • Microsoft’s openness continues by including Mac with their role out. Good to see.


  • Big focus on IoT with the release of Digital Twins

    • Microsoft announces the release of Digital Twins in October.  Digital Twins is about modeling people, places, and devices. It’s a way to model the real world using spatial intelligence graph.


  • The use of Windows Authenticator app to reduce passwords

    • Works with Azure Active Directory and the Windows Authenticator app on your phone which then lets the user use either their fingerprint, face or PIN.


  • Running Windows 10 in the Cloud and it’s called Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

    • Microsoft released the ability to run a multi-Windows 10 from an Azure virtual machine.  You must be an Azure subscription member and will be charged for storage and compute.  Microsoft is also working with Citrix and others to build on top of WVD.


  • SQL Server 2019 ready for Big Data

    • SQL 2019 now has integration with Hadoop Distributed Filing System and Apache Spark.  This means SQL can handle machine learning tasks.


More news should be released tomorrow.  I personally want more information about Server 2019 and Server Core as well as more information from Azure Stack.

I guess I’ll wait and see.

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