Unregister vCenter Server from SSO

I was helping someone bring up a vSphere 6.7 environment inside a vSphere 6.5 SSO domain for a project and the install went without a hitch.  We installed the VCSA with embedded PSC and connected it to an existing SSO domain.  This new vSphere was going to be used for a new VDI implementation.  After reading closer at the documentation, it did not say it supported vSphere 6.7.  To play it safe we decided to tear down and bring up a support 6.5 VCSA instead.  When we did that though, the 6.7 VCSA was turned off and the VM was deleted.

Every time we logged into the SSO domain, you would see an error message that the system “Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server Systems:https://vcenterFQDN:443/sdk” error.  There is a KB article on this exact thing, but because we shutdown and deleted the VCSA, I wanted to first try the cmsso commands to remove this orphaned VCSA from the PSC. I followed this KB article.

I had to launch a SSH session into the PSC that the vCenter 6.7 was registered to and enable Bash by running the following command:

shell.set --enabled true

Now that Bash is turned on, run the shell command to get started. You may need to log in again. I did not, it took me straight into the command prompt. Run the following commands to begin unregistering the vCenter Server Appliance.

cmsso-util unregister --node-pnid vCenterServer_System_Name --username 
administrator@your_domain_name --passwd vCenter_Single_Sign_On_password

vCenterServer_System_Name can be the FQDN or the IP address. I used the FQDN name. The system will say it ran the command and then nothing happens for a short period of time. For me it was about five minutes. Enough time to wonder what it was doing.  So, I headed back into the Web Client and of course nothing pops up.  Palms start sweating, horrible thoughts creep into my mind.  Closed all browser windows, logged back, and now I see my environment and now more message. Back in the command window it said Success.

The KB article mentions that now is the time to power off the vCenter Server Appliance and to delete the instance.  But, I jumped the gun and did these at step one and two. Not five and six 🙂



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