What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

I don’t know about you, but I like setting New Year’s resolutions.  I like setting goals for myself and reflecting back on how I did on those goals.  Not all goals can be accomplished, but looking back and knowing that at least I accomplished something through the year proves to me that I can keep learning and growing as a person.  Setting goals gives me a plan for the new coming year.


The year 2017 brought a lot of good change for me.  I sought out to learn more about Amazon AWS.  I knew nothing about it and felt that this was an area I needed to dig deeper into so I could at the very least, understand the new list of acronyms and have a basic understanding.  I signed up for acloug.guru and bought all of the associate classes.  I not only learned more about AWS as a whole, I passed my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, but I also started my first blog!  I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I didn’t have the courage.  The thought of putting my opinions out there for others to judge, frightened me.  At the end of the SAA exam with acloud.guru you have a working blog.  Figured, I got over one hump time to get past my fear.  So, I started this blog.

In October, a community member had the idea of hash tagging the month to #Blogtober and having a mini-contest for members to write five articles for the month. I was able to reach this goal and as of today I’ve written 18 posts since June.  Because of my blogging, I was on a podcast called The Tech Village.  The hosts, Yadin Porter de Leon and Lauren Malhoit, saw a blog I wrote about changing careers and asked me to be on to talk about my experience.  Again, something that I’ve only dreamed about doing.  Probably because of that judging thing once again.  I was flattered and honored.  It was a great experience and I’m happy I said yes.

In November I was asked to join the Burwood Group as an IT consultant.  My entire career, I’ve worked in IT operations and felt like the next progression in my career was consulting.  I’ve been on the job for about six weeks, and one of the biggest adjustments is the talk about how I’m now seen as an asset that can generate revenue.  Being in IT operations, I’ve always been seen as the guy to keep the systems running so others can make the money. So physicians and clinicians can see patients, for engineers to send drawings to the shop floor, or for the sales staff to access CRM.

Setting the Bar


The year 2017 brought me a lot of change, and I want to keep building off that change in year 2018.  Putting myself and ideas out for more people to read, has introduced me to a lot of interesting people.  Some of which I hope I can meet or possibly even work with one day.  I’ve submitted for the 2018 vExpert program and I hope I can check that off the list, but go outside of this circle and venture into other communities.  There are a lot of people that are part of multiple communities / camps and I would like to be one of those people and apply for another community certifications.

Working at a partner, I will need to step up my certification game.  I see lots of tests in my future.  In years past, I’ve always made sure I took at least one certification exam.  This year, it will be more like five or more if I had to put a number too it.  I want to complete all AWS solutions exams and start looking at some of the more advanced certs either from AWS or VMware.

To build off the community certification program, I want submit for at least one public speaking event either for a user group or a conference.  If that doesn’t work out do another podcast or host a web series.  I want to continue pushing myself with these softer skills.

Lastly, containers and orchestration.  I’ve heard about Kubernetes and Docker at conferences and on podcasts.  I never saw these technologies in the wild, until recently.  I feel like this is the next wave of disruptive technologies and I need to have a better understanding of the nuts and bolts.


Dang! 2017 was darn busy, and 2018 is going to be even busier.  I have to admit though, I had a lot of fun pushing myself and getting out of my own way.  I’ve had some very rewarding conversations with people that I wouldn’t have had, if I didn’t put my thoughts and opinions out there for others to judge.  I can’t wait to come back to this article and see how many items I’ve checked off and how many new people I’ll meet!

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