Change Can Be Good

I haven’t written anything in almost twenty days.  I’m finding writing is almost therapeutic. It’s a way for me to sit down, focus, and organize my thoughts, both technical thoughts and random opinions.  Over these last three weeks I’ve had a lot of different thoughts go through my head.  I started a new job this past week and the emotional roller coaster started many months before then.


I worked at the same organization for ten years.  In today’s world, that feels unique because a lot of professionals in the tech industry job hop.  I follow a lot of different tech enthusiasts and some of these techies live in many parts of the country, but not a lot live in the mid-West.  Those that work on either coast seem to change positions often, at least more than me since following them on social media. I think one reason is there are so many opportunities in these areas. Of the Fortune 500 companies, 55 are located in New York and 53 are located in California. The average size of a Fortune 500 company is 52,000. Professionals can either grow inside of each organization or jump ship if things are not working out.


I stayed where I was at for a number of reasons.  I was learning technology and growing a passion for specific areas in tech.  The organization was allowing me to grow into these technologies and push them further into the business.  I was working with great individuals that I would classify as some of my closest friends.  Fear was another reason.  Fear of getting out of my comfort zone and fear of finding other options. My community is small and there aren’t a lot of choices in the area which means you need to either move or be content.  I love where I live, but I don’t like being content.  Content to me feels like giving up.  I watch too many movies to know that we have only one life and we need to maximize our life experiences to the fullest.

Technology introduced me to other people outside of my business, my community, and allowed me to have a common ground to introduce myself and talk with these community leaders.  But, I had a hard time keeping in contact. Thus, the introduction of Twitter.  Twitter allowed me to expand my network and listen to other’s stories. To hear that it’s OK to think about your career and to not settle.


Change is good. It’s what allows businesses to adjust, it allows kids to develop, and allows adults to  transform into the person they want to be. Change is also scary. It’s human nature to fall into a routine and be comfortable with that routine. We know what to expect in our routines.  Do you take the same roads when going to work? Try taking a different route or taking the long way and see what happens.  Taking a different way makes us more aware of our surroundings. We don’t drift into thought as easily because it’s new and we need to be on alert.

I started to feel this same way in my day to day job responsibilities. Things were becoming easy and almost predictable. I wanted to change things up. I’ve been thinking about a solutions architect position for sometime. To be able to design and build a solution based off of a businesses needs. After talking with people, reading books, and listening to blogs the next step was joining a partner. I feel a partner offers greater change and gives you access to businesses looking for assistance and opportunities to build solutions.


I’m very excited to join a partner, but also anxious. This isn’t going to be the same road I’ve traveled my entire career. I’m ready to be on alert and begin a new adventure. I want to learn a new style of business, but keep in the thick of technology.  My passion for technology has taken me this far, now it’s time to start focusing more on my softer skills and “being comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

I tried to the find the quote, but was unsuccessful. The idea was to say YES to everything. When was the last time you said yes to a decision but later regretted it? If anything, you hear people saying No to a decision and later wishing they hadn’t. Keep learning, keep growing, keep trying new things…and take a different way home tomorrow 🙂

2 Replies to “Change Can Be Good”

  1. Amen, it’s weird having done the same thing for so long, seeing the same faces, and then changing that all of a sudden. It’s something I’m sure I’ll get used to in time. Let’s do lunch soon 🙂


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