#Blogtober 3 – Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff? You could say I’ve been known to not let the purse strings loose very often. When it comes to technology, why should I? There’s a lot of great software out there that enterprise vendors offer for free. Well…nothing is truly free right? Some of the vendors may require you to sign up, which means giving them your contact information.

I tried to put together a list of different technologies that I have used in the past, or seen others on social media recommend. Most of the software listed can be downloaded with submitting your contact information. I know there’s a debate at times about home labs moving to the cloud, but how would you be able to play around with all this free stuff if you don’t have the equipment?

I’ve been reading @vmiss33 book, “How to become and IT architect” and in the books she’s organized IT architecture into eight different categories. I tried to organize my list according to those categories. There is some overlap. My criteria was I wanted software that was easily downloadable and had a long trial period of 90 days or greater. I get busy and time slips away and I need longer trials, 30 days doesn’t cut it. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

[table id=3 /]

If you have software that you enjoy and want to share, I will be more than happy to update my list.

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