Smell that? It’s Pumpkin Spice and #Blogtober in the air

I’ve always wanted to blog, but I was never able to push myself past that finish line. I could always come up with content in my head, but didn’t have anywhere to write it. I used this as an excuse for a long time. My blog came along slowly and in pieces.

My wife was doing a project late last year and needed some domain names purchased. While I was registering, I figured I should look up To my amazement it was available (no one else wanted it)! So I went a head and purchased the domain. Why theaaronstrong you might ask? Because it matches my twitter handle, duh 🙂

I always seemed to worry about the technology portion of the blog. Where to put it. Do I host it at my house? Do I want another computer to maintain? What about backing this thing up? What about updates? It wasn’t until I started taking my AWS Solutions Architect Associate from The last project has students standing up a wordpress site from scratch using a T2 micro and using S3 for images and configuration backups. By the end of the class, you have a fully functional blog.

So, I tied my domain name to the my working blog and here we are today. I’ve enjoyed writing thus far and pushing myself to write something new each week. I saw Matt Heldstab (@mattheldstab ) tweet out a message after VMworld asking for volunteers to participate in his #Blogtober initiative. The idea is help push people into blogging, get more exposure among their peers, and to help push them into the vExpert community.

The objective is to write five write articles in the month of October. I figured since I’m writing about four a month, what’s one more. There are currently 33 other individuals who have volunteered, and some of these people I respect within the community so the pressure is on. I want to produce good content over the next month and I’m looking for some input from you. Please comment on what technologies you’d be interested in reading about, and I’ll do my best to research the topic.

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