Local Host Cache Events for XenApp/XenDesktop

I recently had an issue related to a database outage. Our broker servers were configured for Local Host Cache (LHC), but stopped brokering new connections when the database went down. You could see the events in the broker servers losing connection to the database, but you couldn’t see the LHC election process taking place or if LHC was brokering connection versus the database. Is there suppose to be an event that Says LHC has kicked in? Don’t know. To the Google’s!!

After a quick Google search, I stumbled across George Spiers, jgspiers.com, website. In his blog he describes how LHC is suppose to work and goes into depth of each event and the ID that gets generated.

Yes, there is an event that gets generated when an election takes place. The event to search for is Event ID 3504 as well as Event ID 3501 describes how LHC will be used over a database connection. According to the Citrix documentation, here, there are three main events to monitor and look for. None of those events are 3501. I was looking for and event for confirmation that LHC was working and brokering connections.

George goes into great detail of how Local Host Cache works and how it’s the preferred method in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15 over the default setting of Connection Leasing in previous versions. Hit George’s site for more details.


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